Hi, How are you.

I am KangHee Rhee. ·이강희 a.k.a Ahopsi·아홉시. Lives and works in Seoul.
I take pictures. Content Producer based on Seoul, Korea.
Founder of Pirate flag international.

"I Love you (in theory)"

Selected Interview & Article:
Travel Social media Hejorama as Founder of pirateflag international. (May/2012)
AWEH.tv as pirate (Feb/2012)
Wowsan Project as photographer (May/2010)
Shoestorystore as human being(Mar/2012)
Wide Magazine as ContentProducer ( Feb/2009)

Visit my Blog for new work, experiments and updates.

Partial Career, Publication/Client List Includes:
AttoMedia TRAVEL.RO Biz(Content Producer, 2010-) myspace.com (FOX Media interactive Korea/Content Producer,2008-2009)
TEDxSeoul Contributor, id interactive(Strategist, Online Team/2006-2008), SM Entertainment(Artwork dept./2006),
mynameisstudio(Photographer/2005), Publish9 Studio and indivizual studio (2002-),

*Online Marketing/Website
// HP (Hewlet Packard Korea), 3M (Korea), PentaportRock Festival,
ETP Rock Festival, X-Japan, Yonsei HCI(Human-Computer Interaction) LAB, member of Karlmontfamily

*Photography //Getty image Artist, SM Magazine, Paper Magazine(페이퍼), Magazine P, Seoul Culture Forum NewsPaper,
Pastel music
, SoundOnAir, Wide Magazine flarefilm(Amsterdam·Barcelona) , Tepsic Magazine(US)
Public Design Festival, Milan, 2010, 월간 이리 monthly YRI magazine, The Korea Times, Eloquence Mag.

Why I'm important Person(On Media):
My picture have been published in many book. (ex.TVXQ PhotoBook)
and Getty image Guranteed my picture on their stock market.
So I'm an authorized Photographer. My Writing has been published in NewsPaper
and Paper Magazine (Jun/ 2005, 2006) So I'm Good Writer. I've been on Mnet and YTN.
so I'm famous person. I've done Some acting work. (a short film called 'Double Click'
-winner of the Korea-NY film festival) and also for a promotional video as an 'abnormal photographer'
I have also posed in pictures with big named celebrities, like SuperJunior (슈퍼주니어).

*Your argument is invalid.